Sustainability & Circular Economy Sprints  

a strategy and framework for teams to sustainably innovate new products and services for real social impact delivering a circular economy for substantial business impact

A strategy for sustainable innovation and a circular economy for real social impact
Develop and build the framework and strategy for designing and developing sustainable products and services which help achieve the UN2030 Sustainable Development Goals and design for a circular economy. 
This creative event will focus on how you and your teams develop a strategy and design process for your products and services  that from the very beginning incorporates achieving the UN2030 sustainable development goals.
Understand which Sustainable development goals are relevant to your business and align business activity and practice to them
This creative event will also focus on how you and your team will  develop your business model from a circular economy design perspective so that your teams can design products and services in a way that each part or element has real value and design out waste and environmental damage. 
Key stakeholders and decision makers
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A new vision

to inspire

teams and

achieve real

social impact

with your

products and services


we will facilitate and support you and your  team to be creative and to innovate delivering:

Sustainable strategy 

Business model innovation for creative competitiveness resulting in a new vision and strategy delivering real social impact for sustainable and substantial business impact

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Aligned business model

A creative new business model framework designed to achieve and deliver a circular economy across your company inspiring teams to think creatively and innovate aligned to developing new products and services in a new circular economy

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Aligned SDG's

We will support you and your team to embed specific Sustainable development goals in your teams design process aligned your business model for substantial business impact 

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Replay report 

We will  produce a digital keynote  for key stakeholders with analysis and next steps for real innovation and substantial business impact

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impact and benefits 

of our Sustainability & Circular Economy sprint on your teams, products and services  and organisation:
1- Align sourcing operations with your corporate sustainability goals
2- New market opportunities 
3- Drive innovation 
4- Help address magatrends such as climate change and resource 
5- Have a real social impact in the community 
6- Save your business, customers and suppliers money
7- Build loyalty with your customer base
8- Satisfy changing customer needs and expectations 
9- Build your brand and reputation as an innovative organisation 
10- Attract, retain and engage your teams 

a focus on creating sustainable products and services 

Teams and key stakeholders are aligned to a sustainable vision , your products and services are designed and aligned to having a positive impact in the world and help in achieving the UN2030 sustainable development goals such as goals: 
3-   Good health and well being 
5-   Gender equality
8-   Decent work and economic growth 
9-   Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
11- Sustainable cities and communities 
Ensure your teams and organisation develop and enhance  your impact goals so that your teams and key stakeholders are aligned towards the same vision of having a positive impact in the world

a focus on your teams, products and services for a circular economy

Create a design challenge for near and long term sustainable goals so your products and services help support a circular economy 
Design out waste, pollution and create a process  for cleaner design and production and better service.  
The circular design process:
Prioritise the highest value opportunities