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Problem Framing Sprints 

our problem framing sprint will identify the right problem & your biggest opportunity for real innovation and growth 

Identify and define the right business critical problems from the start to prioritise the biggest business innovation opportunities and define the future 
This creative event will align your team on the same understanding of the right problem and create a problem statement to define the target customer and empathise with their human centred needs by validating insights for long term sustainability
Key stakeholders and decision makers
At the Coffee Shop


User insights and research 


we will facilitate and support you and your  team to be creative and to innovate delivering:

User trends and research

You and your team will understand the user experience and wider user trends  

Fashion Store Window Display

New opportunities 

You will have identified the biggest opportunities in your product, service and user journey with a problem statement and design challenge 

Vinyl Store

Frame the right problem

You and your team will gain a deep understanding of pain points and barriers in your products and services


Replay report

We will produce a digital keynote report for key stakeholders  with analysis and next steps for real innovation and substantial  business impact.

Graphic Design

impact and benefits 

of our problem framing sprint on your teams, products, services and organisation:
1- Bring clarity to your organisation on your business needs to make      effective decisions fast  
2- You will discover and identify the right business critical problems
3- Validate and justify if its worth the investment 
4- Identify the current business needs 
5- Understand previous endeavours identifying  what did and didn't        work and explore what could stop success in the future so you can define      the future for real innovation and growth  
6- Create a tangible vision of the future to align your team 
7- Empathise with the users of your products and services and            align your teams on the same understanding 
8- Identify barriers and pain points and the biggest opportunities
9-Ensure key stakeholder buy in for actionable innovation  

 creativity for success  

You and your team will discover and explore  user insights and research and identify current and new trends and behaviours
You and your team will use storytelling  and current product and service blueprints to create user journeys 

 opportunities for real innovation and growth   

You will explore and discover the ecosystem and landscape in which your users live and use your products and services from your user journey map to discover the biggest opportunities for innovation and growth 
You will creatively define the challenge for real innovation and growth ready for a 4 day design sprint to ignite ideas and prototype  a solution for user testing 
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