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Design Sprints  

discover and explore actionable innovation, de-risk your solution for business and user value

By defining and identifying the right problem from the problem framing sprint its now time for real and actionable innovation cycles by discovering new ideas and solutions or improve existing products and services for long term sustainability
This creative event will set a sprint challenge to discover and explore multiple ideas and solutions to the right problem in which you and your team will then build a realistic prototype for team learning through gaining user insights by testing your product and service prototype with real users to validate ideas  
Multidisciplinary  team of up to 7 people combining a diverse set of skills in your organisation
5 days
Stand Up Meeting

Day 1

Set the



 and identify 

the biggest 



we will facilitate and support you and your  team to be creative and to innovate delivering:

Captured innovation 

We will capture all the main design sprint activities and key outcomes your team complete in an easy to use digital format

Industrial Design Car Sketch

User interviews 

Together we will capture user interviews discovering insights, patterns and valuable feedback

Woman with Hipster Hairstyle

Realistic prototypes

We will support you and your team to embed key elements and concepts of your solution into your product and service prototype 

Seasalt Menu

Replay report 

We will produce a digital keynote report for key stakeholders with analysis and next steps for real innovation and substantial business impact

Graphic Design

impact and benefits 

of our design sprint on your teams, products and services  and organisation:
1- You will identify key insights, patterns and trends about your product and service   
2- Iterate and refine your product and service from user insights
3- Align your teams and all stages of the creative innovative process
4- De-risk your ideas by learning 
5- Avoid months of working on an idea that might not succeed 
6- Agree on team wide actions and next steps for further innovation
7- Demonstrate real innovation in real time to key stakeholders 
7- Speed: reduce the time to market and reduce the development time and costs
8- Innovation: more time for teams to think creatively and innovate 
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