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design thinking for team innovation
at scale

transform your teams creative confidence for effective problem solving & discovery of impactful solutions for real innovation and actionable insights 

we facilitate strategic creativity in teams for product, service &
strategy innovation at scale 

learn & scale innovation & design thinking across teams
for sustainable growth

what we do. 
empower team innovation 

0.1 service, product, or strategy blueprinting (2 days)

a strategy, framework and blueprint for  teams to sustainably build an innovative & transformative end to end user-centred service design process



Wall of ideas
0.2  problem framing sprint (2 days)

our problem framing sprint will support your to team identify the right problem & your biggest opportunity for real innovation and growth 


0.3 design sprint (4 days)

discover and explore actionable innovation, de-risk your teams solutions for business and user value

follow our journey.

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design thinking innovation studio

United Kingdom



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UK Company Number: 13243085

Registered Trademark: UK00003495349

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